Maize farming is one of the most lucrative source of income for farmers in Nigeria, due to its numerous uses and suitable planting climate. It is one of the most consumed agricultural produce in the country, along with other crops like cassava, yam, rice and beans. Maize also serves as raw materials for finished products such as cereals, oil, starch, alcoholic beverages, foods, sweeteners, gum and even pharmaceutical uses also. This same crop is also used as fodder for animals, sweet corn, popcorn and the rest, the grounded form of the maize crop is also processed into native products such as pap, tuwo, kokoro, etc.



MINIMUM INVESTMENT CAPITAL: Maize farming requires little capital to start as the purchasing value of the maize seed itself can be readily obtained for affordable prices. The major expensive factor of production involved in this business is the land, and this has been taken care of by Farm Republic, therefore the investors need only to invest in maize production and management.


SUBSTANTIAL PROFIT: Maize farming gives an incredible return on investments, as one seed of planted maize could return as much as 500 kernels of corn during the harvest season. As the market for the maize crop expands, there is potential for continuous rise in the return generated on an investment on this crop in Nigeria.


SHORT MATURING PERIOD: The advantage of investing in maize farming is that it has a short period of maturation from the time of planting to harvest. The normal period of maturation is between 2 to 3 months, which is about 75 to 90 days before it is fully ready to be harvested. This short period allows for quick realization of profits and the space to invest again.

maize farm Picture
maize farm Picture

MARKET DEMAND: The market demand for maize farming in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is astronomical. 60% of the production of maize in the country is consumed by the industrial sector for the production of products such as flour, beer, malt drinks, corn flakes, starch, corn syrup and animal feeds. It is also needed for the production of corn flour which is then processed into native products such as pap and custard. With Farm Republic’s market linkage, an investor is rest assured that there will be market demand for the maize crops which in turn will yield the profits of the money invested.


PERFECT CLIMATIC CONDITION: Africa has one of the best climatic conditions for maize farming. Needing little water, able to grow on a vast array of soils and the overabundance of sunlight, Nigeria has the perfect weather conditions to invest in maize farming and have secured returns on the investment.

Invest with InvestFR

As another maize season is here, this is a perfect time to put some revenue into agriculture. On Farm Republic’s investment platform – InvestFR which will be launched in few days, there will be opportunity to invest in a 20 acres maize farm in Ondo State.