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  • Location: Ondo State


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Maize is one of the crops with the fastest and highest revenue generating potential in Nigeria. There is a high demand of the crop locally; it is sold fresh, as grains, as seeds, and belongs to the group of most consumed food crops in Nigeria.


  • InvestFR is a data-driven and user-oriented product of Farm Republic. The platform is a public-private partnership that allows for Agriculture enthusiasts and Investors to grow their income passively and create jobs for young people. It is a platform in collaboration with state governments, private investors, and relevant stakeholders.
  • InvestFR will work closely with young people in the state where the farms are sited.
  • With InvestFR, clients will receive competitive returns on their investment, create jobs, and are able to visit the farm at an agreed time. There will be timely updates on farm activities and industry news via the platform, to keep clients abreast of their investments.
  • Each client will invest in a minimum of 1 unit (of the desired crop) for the cropping season and the Farms will be cultivated and managed by Farm Republic with guaranteed markets. At the end of the cropping season, clients will receive their returns directly in the bank accounts provided during registration.
  • You can join the InvestFR platform by creating an account on the platform. With this account, you will have access to fund farms, monitor your farm progress and receive returns on investment.
  • Be an individual with interest and willingness to invest in agriculture.
  • Have our minimum required capital for investment.
  • The minimum required capital for investment on InvestFR is the sum of money that is required to invest in 1 acre of land. This amount varies depending on the farm that one is investing in. Therefore, to know the exact minimum amount, kindly visit the funding page of the particular farm you are interested in.
  • At the end of the cropping season, clients are able to receive their returns through the bank accounts provided during registration.
  • Farm Republic is a growing Agribusiness start-up that seeks to empower farmers through access to markets. The mission is to create a platform where farmers, as well as agricultural enthusiasts get relevant information and support on best agronomic practices, location and price of various agricultural commodities in Nigeria, to improve produce quality and reduce post-harvest losses, while being linked with a ready market. This will also improve the livelihood of our clients by delivering superior value to them and providing innovative solutions for their businesses.

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  • Top 10 finalist for the FCMB/WennovationHub Incubation Programme 2018
  • A network of over 200 farmers in South-West Nigeria
  • Over 50 consultations in 2019 from clients in Nigeria, UK, US, South Africa and Turkey.
  • InvestFR is working closely with state governments and relevant stakeholders to create jobs for young people across the Agriculture value chain, and also allows enthusiasts and Investors to make money passively.
  • Farm Republic through InvestFR creates a steady supply of raw produce for processors, reduces if not totally eradicates the challenges of acquiring these produce and enhance convenience for their production processes. We offer the best prices as we intend to promote low cost farming processes and growing of high quality crops.
  • We have on our team well experienced agriculturists who understand the agribusiness, product availability, customer requirements and price regulations. We have developed a customer support system which would study the needs of our target market and deliver premium services at all times to ensure that their businesses continue to operate efficiently.
  • Our platform does not just present itself as a market place, rather one which aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply, build credibility, and improve businesses.


  • Farm Republic is seeking to improve the livelihood of clients by delivering superior value to them and providing solutions for their businesses. Our vision is to become the foremost agricultural marketing channel for agriculturists and processors in Nigeria with our clients at the centre of our business model.
  • We are advocating for an inclusive agricultural transformation by linking small and large scale farmers to the right market, creating extended food supply and employment opportunities along the value chain.
  • Kindly visit our page contact us or send an email to

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20 Acres available

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Maize is an important livestock feed both as silage and as crop residue, grain, and is also used industrially for starch and oil extraction. It is an important source of carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin B, and minerals. Other uses of corn include:

Cornmeal is made by grinding whole corn. The coarsest meal is called grits, which is used to make corn flakes. A somewhat finer grade is sold in stores to make cornbread, deep-fry batter, and hushpuppies.

Corn Starch is made from the endosperm of the corn, the part of the seed that exists to nourish the potential new plant. It is mixed with sugar to make confectioners sugar and is also the main ingredient in biodegradable plastic.

Distilled alcohol from grain is called ethanol. Regular gasoline-powered cars can run on gas blended with up to 10% ethanol. Corn is a renewable resource, so biofuels are seen as a replacement for fossil fuels.

Tea brewed from cornsilk is used as a remedy for urinary tract infections, as it has diuretic properties.

Oil is produced by squeezing the germ of the corn. It is used as a food ingredient and for frying food (most appropriately for popping popcorn). Margarine is often made from corn oil, although other oils are used as well.

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