Farm Republic has a new product!

In the past year, Farm Republic has set up and managed farms from input supply to point of sales, maintained processes and provided ready markets, to increase productivity of farmers and reduce post-harvest loss.

InvestFR is data driven and will address lack of technical expertise, market challenges, and unemployment of young people in Agriculture. It is a platform for Farmers, Agriculture enthusiasts and Investors to grow their income passively.

With InvestFR, clients will receive competitive returns on their investment, create jobs, and are able to visit the farm at an agreed time. There will be timely updates on farm activities and industry news via the platform, to keep clients abreast of their investment.

Each client will invest in a minimum of 1 acre of land (1 unit) for the cropping season and the Farms will be cultivated and managed by Farm Republic with guaranteed markets. At the end of the cropping season, clients are able to receive their returns through an e-wallet system on the platform.

In collaboration with state governments, private investors, and relevant stakeholders, InvestFR will be live in a few weeks. Keep an eye out!