09 Nov 2019
vegetable image Farm republic

Addressing The Problems And Possible Solutions To Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is the lack of availability of safe, nutritious, healthy, and sufficient food to people at all times. Currently the world is living in hunger but the rate differs from countries to countries. As the world population increases the more the demand for food also increases but the resources...

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26 Oct 2019


The role of agriculture in the economy can not be overemphasized. Agriculture is a fulcrum for economic growth and a nation's development. It's the basis of life; making provision for the food we eat to the fancy clothing and to how we're able to get a place to warm ourselves...

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19 Oct 2019
Water management as a means for sustainable agriculture


The importance of water in agriculture and it's processes remains undefeatable as it is the most basic means through which plants and animals get the necessary elements needed for growth. In plants, water is the medium that takes all available nutrients in the soil and pass it round the different...

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12 Oct 2019


From the beginning of time, many farmers have centered their agricultural production on peasant farming of food crops, a number of cash crops and domestic livestock farming. This subsistence method of farming is the basic and popular type of farming system in Nigeria. But, in recent time, Nigerian farmers have...

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14 Sep 2019
maize farm

Why You Should Invest In A Maize Farm

Maize farming is one of the most lucrative source of income for farmers in Nigeria, due to its numerous uses and suitable planting climate. It is one of the most consumed agricultural produce in the country, along with other crops like cassava, yam, rice and beans. Maize also serves as...

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07 Sep 2019
Ranching in Nigeria

Ranching: A Better Alternative to Pastoralism in Nigeria

Ranching is a long existing agricultural practice that involves raising of livestock, which commonly includes grazing animals such as cattle and sheep, on designated land structures. Usually in many countries, a ranch would be an open space secured with a fence made from strong wood. In some parts of South...

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24 Aug 2019

Agritech And The Future of Farming

In previous years, when the word ‘agriculture’ is used in a sentence, people usually think of old men on farms, basic stone age instruments like hoes, and cutlasses, etc. However, recently, with the advancement of technology in the agricultural sector around the world, the agricultural narrative has changed from the...

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10 Aug 2019

Farm Republic Introduces InvestFR

Farm Republic has a new product! In the past year, Farm Republic has set up and managed farms from input supply to point of sales, maintained processes and provided ready markets, to increase productivity of farmers and reduce post-harvest loss. InvestFR is data driven and will address lack of technical...

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